RV Masters Comfort Sun & Winter Protection is the company based in Edebäck, Sweden
RV Masters stands for high quality and personal service to our customers.
We carry out solid handwork according to customer requirements and "custom made" is our specialty. We look forward to meeting you. Ingrid & Robert

                                                                                                                 under renovation will be online soon

                        Comfort Sun screen is an exclusive product, which is specially developed by RV Master for campers and Motorhomes.
They are handmade and All blinds are manufactured in Sweden.
The benefits of Comfort sun protection:
Special custom comfort sun protection to your mobile home means perfect fit.

Simple momtering within about 25 sec without ladder (safe), elastic band, screw
( so no hole in the Rv) and without suction cup!
See without being seen. To preserve your privacy and at the same time, you have good visibility to the outside world from the RV or mobelhome.
You get a nice and natural light.